Free to flow.

I felt quite shit today. It could’ve been the excessive consumption of food weighing me down, it could’ve been the hormones, it could’ve even been the solar flares, but I’m pretty sure it was mostly just the disappointment. That part of me that’s like, why can’t you simply be you?! Why can’t you say what you really think?! The disappointment that stems from living a lie.

Now that I’ve been able to get this out, I feel like I’m back to myself again. Masturbating with images of a tongue mere millimetres from my clitoris. Yep, I’m pretty sure the shittiness is gone.

I really should get some sleep, says my conformist brain. Good thing I’m not listening to her right now. Sure, it’s 2am and I might miss some beautiful daylight hours in the morning, but wouldn’t you rather just go with the flow? I find going with the flow much more fulfilling then conforming. Remind me to read this again tomorrow, when I’m (most likely) feeling shitty from not enough sleep.

Many minutes later…

Now that I’ve been flowing for well over an hour – entertaining myself with brilliant, newly discovered bloggers and their rants on what does and doesn’t constitute “good” writing – I imagine I’ll fall sleep almost instantly.

Sweet dreams everyone – and don’t worry, mine always are 😉


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