Fervor transpires

I can see you in my peripheral vision, you’re checking me out. I see you covering your boner, putting your leg in view instead. When will you give in? Come and taste this wonderland. I will transform into the goddess I can be and pull down all the walls stopping you from diving in. You don’t know what you’re missing. But I do! I want your hands all over me and your lips. I want your lips to taste me. My lips want to taste you. I want sweat dripping from my every pore mixing with the sweat dripping from the glorious ridges covering your body. The scent of sex will fill the air, the transference of energy, the bewildering ecstasy, it all comes together to eclipse my most herculean effort to reach the divine. The conscious intertwining of souls. I want more than just you. I want our beings to rise above this reality. There’s no comparative, no amount of meditation I can prescribe to cure this aching.



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