One more sleep til NaNoWriMo!


I’m torn between going to the gym and writing. I want to start writing already, but I also want to wait another day/night until it’s officially November, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

Considering I’m still coughing – don’t worry I’m sure it’s just detox – I may as well rest and write. I guess I can continue writing one of my half finished short stories laying around here!

There’s also the possibility of jotting down some kind of outline for my NaNo novel. Yes it’s true, one day to go and I still have no outline. I’m not much of a planner. I usually just write what I feel. I can see this NaNoWriMo challenge is going to be…, well let’s say, interesting 😉

Reading other blogs about writing and NaNoWriMo has been very encouraging and motivating. I’m really excited for November to start! It’ll be my first NaNo, in fact it will be the first time I’ve tried to write more than 5,000 words! Wish me luck!

Please fellow writers, feel free to add me on NaNoWriMo, you’ll find me under my name, Mikayla Bryce. I’m on Facebook too,

One more sleep, one more sleep! Eeeepppp! 😀


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